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Industry Focus

Stonecrest Insurance understands that each business and industry comes with a totally unique set of risks and challenges. Our goal is to help our clients identify the unique risks and challenges in their business and to customize insurance packages to address them. While we work with nearly all types of businesses and industries, there are a few we have special expertise in.

Here are some of the industries we specialize in:

Apartment Building Owner Insurance

Apartment building owners need coverage for their buildings, the rent those buildings generate and the liability associated with owning apartment buildings, among other things. We can tailor a package that’s right for you whether you own a four-plex or a property with hundreds of units. Learn More >>

Cleaning Business Insurance

There is more to cleaning business insurance than most people think. The coverage you need depends on how many locations you work at, how many employees you have, what specific services you offer and several other factors. Most people assume they have coverage for services like floor waxing and window washing, but that isn’t always the case. We work with our clients to identify all of the risks they face and make sure they get a package that is right for them. Learn More >>

Daycare Insurance

Daycare providers face a variety of risks that are unique to their businesses. Not only do they have to get protection for the normal business property and liability exposures, but also things like child molestation and abuse. You hope you never need those coverages, but even the cost of defending a false claim can be devastating. We can build a package tailored specifically to your business, whether you work out of your house or a large commercial space. Learn More >>

Handyman Insurance

Everyone can use a handyman every once in a while, but finding insurance for one can sometimes be difficult. If something goes wrong with a job, you want to make sure you’re covered, but most insurance companies require a contractors license to write you a policy. We have several programs tailored specifically for handyman businesses without contractors licenses. Learn More >>

Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord can either be very rewarding or very challenging and the difference is mostly in the tenants who rent from you. Whether yours are great or terrible, you still need to make sure you’re covered for property losses and liability exposures. We have programs available for landlords with a single rental unit or a whole portfolio of them. Learn More >>

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance has changed a lot in the last few years. There used to be several affordable options with very few underwriting guidelines, but recently that has been changing. If you’re new in business, you’re probably finding it pretty difficult to get quotes and if you’ve been in business for a while you’ve probably seen your rates skyrocket over the last few years. Luckily, we can help. We work with several high quality carriers who are still offering reasonable rates. Learn More >>